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Originally Posted by 40years View Post
C'mon people. The car is only ABOUT 300#'s lighter. It was running on a cold, damp track. I don't care how hot the tires were, without the track being somewhat warm, that was a very respectable time. Let's wait until better conditions, then bash it if you must.
I wonder if they were running the production tires during the run? If so, the driver has balls of steel to run that fast with those tires in the rain.

Originally Posted by snackbar64 View Post
Great video. Still not worth my Mylink radio or the snowball AC. I am really interested in seeing who will actually man up and give up their ZL1 for one. No radio is one thing, but no AC will make a thug cry. Great looking machine nonetheless.
I can live without AC; but I definitely need a complete sound system.

Originally Posted by mclark10 View Post
The article said they figure they lost about 6 seconds because of track conditions, so that's in your ballpark. Still impressive seeing a 'street' car on the track at 160 with the wipers on.
If it indeed ran that fast on a dry track you think they would publish it.

Originally Posted by jessrayo View Post
First of all, I'm sure this is not the only hot lap the Z28 has done on the ring. It is the fastest one that GM has recorded or they would have posted the other faster laps. It starts raining on the second carousel and from there comes one fast sweeper, a long uphill straight with a full throttle bend at the crest then a couple of decelerating corners before the finish line. Rain does not make much difference on the straight, that is why the best time the z28 posted has some rain after almost all of the major corners were done. I will admit that he struggles for grip on the last few corners after the straight he may give up 3 seconds there.

Now the ZL1 makes up time at the end not because it is raining but because it is an uphill straight and the ZL1 has 80 more HP. It has an 11 mph advantage almost the entire straight and that is a long straight, about 1.3 miles. It does the same against the Z06 (which has the same engine and trans) if you watch it's video. ZL1 does not gain because of rain but because of horsepower down a straight.

So I'm thinking the rain at the end is great for marketing, Z/28 does awesome time with rain on the track but in reality it didn't make much difference or they would have posted the faster dry lap. It's a great cornering car... no doubt. Horsepower always wins on the straights. I'm not totally on the Z28 bandwagon yet.
Agreed; but if they would drop in the ZL1 A6 trans and 1LE 3.90 rear gear I would definitely jump on that bandwagon; purists be damned.
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