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Well I just had my alignment done after work and did it to Pedders specs. My drive home was about 30 miles of highway driving, the car seemed to pull to the right when I took my hands off of the steering wheel. Could be a crappy road who knows, I'm going to try some other roads tomorrow on my way to and from work.

The alignment printout appears to be good, my buddy works at a shop and is the one that did the alignment. He is VERY meticulous when he works on cars and I'm sure the alignment was done correctly. I told him to check out the suspension to make sure nothing looked out of place, he said it all looked good.

What else could cause the car to pull to the right, if the suspension is aligned?? The car has a total of ~3,050 miles on it and only about 300-400 miles on the tires since the curb kiss. So even when it was out of alignment, I don't think 300-400 miles would be enough to cause uneven tire wear that would make my car pull, or would it??

Anyways here is a picture of the alignment sheet. As you can see it was out of alignment but it appears to be good now...

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