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It is possible a belt has shifted in one of your tires. The only way yo know is to Road Force balance them or swap front wheels and tires with a ZL1 friend.

The amount of effort it requires to turn side to side should be very consistent with you electric steering rack. Do you have headers installed?

It is possible to align a car with a tweaked suspension component. That is exactly why there is alignment adjustment. Normal driving wear ad tear cause alignments to shift and require adjustment. If something is bent, the alignment tech should have noticed how much more adjustment was required one side compared to the other.

My best guess is you are dealing more with tread pull (normal) than damage. It is easy for me to say, since I am not driving your ZL1 that had an incident. It is like a squeak that a passenger mentions. You never noticed it until they mentioned it. Now the squeak sounds more like a siren and drives you crazy.

Or you could be dead nuts spot on right.
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