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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
I have never run direction tires backwards. This will be interesting. One other thought. ANY front Camaro will work for this is there is an SS or 1LE owner close by.
I'll have to check around.

Originally Posted by KLR ZL1 View Post
You could take it back and have the tech recheck the allignment and see if it is the same as the adjustments. If so you could return it to the stock settings and try that. if it still pulls it could be an issue with the electric steering since the force feels different from left to right. Let the tech drive it that did the allignment. That is the most bothering problem when you have to take it back and forth to the mechanic to try and resolve an issue. I've been there done that with my 2010 SS.

Originally Posted by mlee View Post
Ahhh yes what Pete says. SS wheels work too and someone may have as set in the garage.

Eric also has a great point about electric steering. One reason I mentioned PTM5.
The tech that did this is Jaime, so I have every bit of confidence that his work is spot on, that's the reason I drove 50 minutes to get an alignment, lol. However he said he would look into the calibration of the machine.
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