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Smile How to get the most out of your Suspension/Brake questions

I am posting this because I have been lurking through the Suspension/Brake area for the last couple of weeks and have noticed some common things that have been lacking in trying to answer common questions. Most folks just ask their question without the most common of background information needed to answer the question asked. Then responders have to waste time asking for this information while others are giving options/opinions that the OP might already have thus wasting time and space. There are just too many variables that go into even the most basic of questions let alone the more technical ones.

So with this in mind I have come up with what I think is a good format for asking question in this area. I call it the “GMMB” approach.

G= Goals: What are your goals with the car.

M=Model: What model car do you own.

M=Modifications: What are your current modifications.

B=Budget: What is your budget. If you do not have a budget or are looking for the best answer, please state so.

Answering these simple questions in your original post will greatly assist the rest of us in helping you accomplish your goals.

Note to all: if referring to a vendors package setup, Example Pedders Street kit 1, please list what is included in that kit at least once in your OP so the rest of us do not have to search out what is all included in that particular kit. There are just too many for everyone to know all of the vendor’s kits.

Another note: In some discussions it may be necessary to also delve into rim and tire combinations, please bear with us so we can provide the best answer possible.

Vendors, please make your posts relevant. Some of you are very good at this and others not so much. Posts like, “Call me and we can answer your questions”, “that is a good idea” or” That looks good” either wastes space or the reply does not benefit the whole community because the only person getting the information is the OP who calls. Vendors, if you can’t answer the question in the post without benefiting the whole community please refrain from posting. We want the answer to our technical questions, not a sales pitch. If you do that we will know who to buy from. We know you cannot post retail prices in this section so please try and fit your answers into the OP’s budget. If you think the OP’s budget is too small for their goals please also note that without getting yourself in trouble.

Edit: If you are new to the 5th Gen suspension please take the time to educate yourself with this thread all about the Camaro's suspension.
........Start here: The 5th Gen Book Chapter by Chapter

So, in the future look for the “GMMB” acronym in future posts and if someone asks what that means, refer them here.


PS. If you have ideas to streamline this please feel free to share so that we can enhance this to benefit all of us.
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