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My 5th gen and Milford experience

Well just now getting back into the swing of things, and able to think about what we saw and talked about this weekend......

First I'd like to thank everyone at GM for the time spent at Milford..... The weekend was first class. The hotel, food and all were A one. The girls from Carlson took really good care of us. From the time I arrived to the time I left I never wanted or needed a thing. We were truly treated like a VIP.

I was not able to make the dinner on Fri. night…….13hours of delay with a trip to the emergency room was not best way to spend a Friday. However Sat. made up for it all.

We arrived at Milford Sat. morning and as we were waiting to board the bus, who shows up in his first gen copo reproduction. None other than Tom Peters and Sangyup Lee. Wow the day has already started to get interesting. Getting to see Tom again and meeting Sangyup for the first time was an honor.

Well it’s time to board the shuttle and make our way to black lake. I was so excited to be back at the Proving grounds, it doesn’t even look like a test facility. More like a state park. GM does such a great job in preserving the natural beauty that it feels like I’m riding thru the country side. On the way someone spots one of the black camo cars, then there’s two more. By this time everyone has their faces planted against the glass, we all look like a bunch of little kids looking thru the glass of your near by store at Christmas time. Just as everyone sits down two of those cars appear behind us. There they were, finally in real life not just on the computer screen. We finally get to black lake and as we were getting off the bus hear they come like two lions chasing some poor prey (in my mind a Mustang) roaring by with tires squealing leaving a trail of smoke, then they disappear as fast as they showed up.

We walk in and see a u shaped table with all seating prearranged. Fbodfather 2.0 starts the morning with introductions and an overview of the day. Followed by Brett Vivan which by the way was very interested in what we have to say. If anyone had a concern or question he would ask that person to show him not just tell him. All the time this is going on there was a long black curtain dividing the room, not once did I even think what was behind that, however I was getting ready to find out.

We were asked to come test drive some impala’s oh boy right, once I came around the curtain there they were gleaming in the light, 4 cars all different colors most of us just kinda stood there not knowing what to say or react or think. Then one person started to cry then another and another. Once we came back to earth everyone split up to the different cars. I went over to one, walked around and around then stopped at the front. Thinking this thing looks like it was getting to pounce on anything that drives by. I walked over asked if I could sit in the car and was given permission. I tell you from opening the door to sitting in the seat it felt like I was home, this was a Camaro no doubt about it. The attention to detail in the cars was truly amazing, remember these are just the ivery cars. What are the production cars going to look like? I think man I can’t wait to have one in my driveway, this is going to be freaking awesome.

Soon we were called back to the table. Now I can't say much after that point but I can tell you that the team working on this car understands how important this is. They get it they feel the same as we do. Not only do they know how important it is to GM but they know how important it is to us. The emotion that has gone into this car is very evident, and it shows. The Camaro team has done an awesome job putting this car together, every little detail, even the most trivial thing as been thought about. It is hard to explain the amount of passion I've seen this weekend.

To the cars........I can't tell you much. But I can tell you this

There were three cars. Two camo cars, both V-8. Even though these cars were development cars and were very rough around the edges they were still impressive. To go from the concept car last year to what we saw this past weekend was incredible. This goes to show the attention to detail that has gone into this car.

The other was a V-6 and I can tell you this it isn’t the grocery getting V-6 your use to. I can only use one word, AWESOME…. It rivals some of the F-Cars of the past……You will not be disappointed at all.

There will be 8-10 colors Red, black and .....................................

Oh btw those are not the real will be pleased on what you see.............

In closing IT is going to be worth the wait…….I think most will be pleased with what is going to be offered and the car that you will see…….

Oh the jet that awesome Bob was in, I was told that it was a German fighter……….I wish you could have seen the reaction from Cheryl Pilcher…….priceless……..

To Elie the Iceberg melted along with Kevin…………

For the people that have their doubts, don’t worry. The team that GM has put together couldn’t be any better. They are Camaro……….

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