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OK..time to lay out the winter engine build up!! I have been working with Andy Ricketts over at Livernois in Metro Detroit. Frankly they are the ONLY company in Michigan I want doing this. They have an amazing reputation, unbelievable shop, and have hundreds, maybe thousands of cars under their belt.

Andy if you see this feel free to weigh in!!

Here is the plan. Clearly it will include before/after dyno testing and as many pics and videos as I can talk Andy and his team into taking! My intentions is to have them pick it up for these upgrades after the first of the year as the car will be stored anyway.

-Whipple 2.9 Supercharger
-RotoFab intake (have CAI now but Andy is suggesting better flow at these HP with RotoFab)
-Kooks Long Tube Headers w/Hi Flow Cats
-Corsa Exhaust
-Livernois 2C Hi Lift Blower Cam
-Livernois Stage 2 Heads
-McLeod RTX Twin Disk Clutch/Aluminum Flywheel
-Livernois Dual Fuel Pump Setup
-MSD Plug Wires
-NGK TR6 Plugs
-ARP Cam Bolts
-7.425" 5/16" Pushrods
-ARP Head Bolts
-LS9 Head Gasket
-ARP Flywheel bolts
-BMR Trailing Arms
-DSS 1000HP Axles
-Boost and AFR Gauges with A-Pillar Mount

Andy is expecting between 680-700HP to the rear wheels....should be a BEAST!!! In their opinion this is a safe and reliable combination all be it the top end of the range on the stock bottom end. If I get bored with this after time a forged bottom end from Livernois will be the next step along with bumping up the boost.

The wait for spring will kill me.... More to follow after the first of the year....

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