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Originally Posted by Taser Deployed View Post
The Z/28 is definitely a beast of a car but it's not worth the money (which is going to be north of 60K) to me when compared to my ZL1. I know me and I would enjoy it for about a month and then I would be b*tching about not having a radio and comparing the rough ride to the smooth ride in my Z. Having AC would be no question living in South Louisiana. The ZL1 crowd and Z/28 crowd are going to be as different as night and day IMO.
Different facial expressions too.

ZL1 guys will be smiling while driving their lambo Killers, while Z28 owners will stare at theirs in the garage and imagine it going fast at a track. - but they will know they are better than the ZL1 guys.

Or, the Zl1 guys will be laughing light to light, as the Z28 guy sulks because his "king camaro" can't keep up with a ZL1 - But, he will know his Z28 is really the faster car.

Or, the ZL1 guys will smile ear to ear as they get huge power increases from simply bolt ons, while Z28 guys scratch their brows and wonder why, $8000 in mods later, their car is not any faster. ( I have put many bolt ons to a LS7 engine, not much more power until you get inside the motor - or put a blower on it...)

More and more, I cannot wait to see these overpriced, under equipped, lightened but still really heavy, slower camaros on the road.
Rotofab, grinding rear diff sound forever, dealer replaced supercharger - now i have a rattle when starting from a stop, ordered 2.35 lingenfelter pulley, hp tuner, belt, 100mm idler pulley, tr7IX spark plugs, wideband kit, long tubes with no cats...hoping for 650hp. dyno with rotofab = 518hp

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