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Originally Posted by camaro500 View Post
I am going to buy full rear cradle bushings and want to know how your DIY experience went and if the upgrade was worth the 250$+ and the roughly 6 hours to install?
I wish I would have seen this thread before you ordered! I went the same route as you when I installed the BMR inserts and trailing arms. At first they seemed OK but I was still getting rear end step out and wheel hop. I then discovered that BMR was having issues with their outer trailing arm bushings so I ordered a set of Pfadts and replaced the BMR bits. That did not resolve the problem so I decided to replace the BMR inserts with full Pedders bushings. Yea it cost over $500 but I wish I would have sprung for them right away! Now the rear end is solidly planted, no step out OR wheel hop! The cradle bushings are the most important suspension mod you can do so it makes the most sense to save a little more and go for the real deal! I WASTED 2 hours under the car and whatever I spent on those inserts! I would hate to see you learn a hard lesson like I did! I'm only at 424 rwhp so it's not like I'm pushing a lot of power to cause the step out and wheel hop, it's all in those cradle bushings! That's my experience!
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