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Originally Posted by jasonfichter View Post
Long story short I popped a tire and had to use the spare that came with the car, which is much smaller than my 20in wheels I have now. While having the spare on the car I got lights on my dash for abs and traction control. I figured it was because the car was tilted and so it couldn't calculate properly. Those lights went away after three restarts.

Then my door locks won't work by pushing down the little pin on the door or when pressing the lock button on the door with the car off. The locks go down then pop back up. The other night my door locks opened and closed on two separate occasions, so I know I didn't accidentally press the button.

Got my new tire today and all is well except the door locks are still having the same problem. A few minutes ago I took the car for a "spirited drive" to get some groceries with the car in sport mode. The car WAS NOT in manual mode. I get to a light after driving a bit hard and the car starts to downshift as I'm slowing down it and it was rev-matching just like it would when you press the button. It did this on three gears before I was completely stopped so once again I didn't accidentally press the button. After getting the groceries I drove exactly how I was before but the car drove completely normal with no rev-matching.

For all of you out there that know far more about these cars than I do, can I please have your opinion on why my car might be doing this.

Here is the link to my thread of my past issues over the summer. The car has been perfectly fine after those issues were fixed.

I apologize for the electrical issues that you are experiencing. I'd be more than happy to oversee an official diagnosis of this concern at your local dealer. We want you to feel like your vehicle is operating as it was designed to and are willing to exhaust all measures to ensure that we can make it right. Feel free to contact me privately if necessary.

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