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Paul Fischer
Hello, almost three weeks ago I ordered from your site and have yet to hear back from you. This is the case with a dozen or so other members at and I was wondering when you would address it. Thanks
October 6 at 12:36am

Narya Camaro
When are you guys going to stop ignoring me and honor your warranty? I have been trying for 7 weeks, emails, PMs, Calls... I REALLY regret buying from you/Seibon. My $800 trunk shouldnt look like this after 3 weeks
September 23 at 4:15pm

Keith S. Hundley
Is the site still being maintained? I've tried getting information with no success
September 9 at 5:47pm

Adam Birdsong
Are you guys taking orders through the site still?
14 July 23 at 11:09am

Jacob Dixon
Do you guys have a v6 camaro with the MRT v2 exhaust at your shop that I could hear? 2012?
5 June 9 at 2:03pm
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