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Originally Posted by 10 2SS/RS 6M View Post
I did find what was causing the severe toe movement on the rear wheels.
One- Was my fought, before I put the wheels back on I always torque the toe rod bolts on the knuckle side first, but while I was greasing that bushing (with wheels on) it wasn't taking any grease at all, so I loosened the bolt and out came the grease, but I never went back and re-torqued the bolt!
Two- So while I was checking things out back there I also noticed a bit (no, a lot!) of lower control arm movement. I'm sure the 1 1/2'' thick PFADT Race Engineering sway bar don't help with the flimsy stock control arms, so since I stopped the violent movement on the left rear wheel I'm going to replace the stock lower control arms with your TCA028's lower control arms (they look strong!), I should notice a difference with them. The uppers control arms and bushings are next, just need to do a little at a time right now.
Thanks for the help, EVERYONE.
Our BMR non-adjustable lower control arms (TCA028) are definitely much beefier and stronger than the factory lower control arms and will provide considerably more stability in the rear suspension. When you are ready for the parts let us know and we will make sure we get you taken care of.
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