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Got my video and viewed for the first time last night. My brother stopped by the house and I wanted to show him what C5Fest was all about. The video was well done, but IMO lacked alot of content that could have been included.

The good:
Good quality HD camera work. Editing was great, loved the music in the background. It flowed well with the video footage.

I enjoyed watching the history of the Camaro and how we got to the 5th Gen. Loved the interviews with Al and Scott.

Great coverage of the Drag Racing and Camaro Cross events and the winners.

Liked the Hotel parking lot footage, would have like to have seen more.

All in all, nice quality.

Suggestions for consideration:
There was nothing shown on the car show. I think I'm accurate in that there were close to 100 cars in the show but nothing about it made the video. Don't understand that at all.

Why not go to each vendor and let them sell their product? Doesn't have to be long, give them 60 seconds to talk about their business and products. This could have been a selling point for the video as well. On this line, definately hit up the vendors that contribute so much to the forum. I won't name them because I would leave some out. But think you know what I mean and who I'm talking about.

How about mentioning our major sponsors beside GM/Chevrolet. Nothing on there about Roger's Chevrolet and all they do for the Fest. Re: Pizza party and the charity designation.

Include props or at least mention the people that put the Fest together. A word from our moderators.

Would have liked seeing footage of the awards ceremony including TAGURIT and his Texas flag presentation for next years Fest.

Host Hotel parking lot action was only night shots of cars lit up with LED's. Don't get me wrong, I love these cars, but there was so much more going on that wasn't shown. Would like to see more parking lot footage. Example: Follow some of the GM people walking around talking to owners about their cars. I thought this was very cool of them to do this and think others would enjoy seeing the interaction.

I won't go on, but I think you get the idea. Again, I'm mentioning this out of respect for the people that put this together and may do it again next year. These are only MY observations and suggestions to consider should you choose to do it again next year.

One last thing. My DVD froze up at the beginning where Al talks about the Z/28 and the GM testing grounds. I tried several times to get it to play that section with no success. All of the other chapters played fine. This could be my player, but my player is fairly new and updated on it's firmware. UPDATE: The video played fine in my computer.

With all of this, I still enjoyed watching it and reliving the experience. I certainly appreciate the efforts. Just like the Fest itself, let's learn from this year and improve on what was done for next year.

I hope this is not taken the wrong way, it's not meant to slam anyone. Thanks for reading.


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