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I'm in the same boat with all of you track guys, pads or rotors; that is the question!
This year I've budgeted $600 for front rotors & pads replacements.
600 miles of track later, I’ve replaced 2 set of front pads and 2 pair of front rotors.
Unless you dish out $$$ to get the best 2-Piece rotors available like RB, DBA, PFC… rotors will have to be replace. (often)
The OEM Rotors are good, if you warped them (lightly) you can resurface them and used them for quite some time after.
The second set this year was EBC slotted with dimples which are less sturdy them the OEM.

The OEM pads are good for light track duty at a beginner level.
Once you decide to attack corner while trail breaking they will overhead and burn. When That happens, you warp your rotors at the same time.
My second set of pad this year is un mentioned on this forum..yet…PFC Z-rated pads.
I very happy with their track performance since they are more of a track pad then a street pad. More info on them here:

The good news is that I'm still running on my OEM Rear rotors & pads!! wow...33K miles with more than 2K of track time. Impressive or not?
Why aren't they used more?

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