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I dropped off my car again tonight at Corsa for final fitting and sound testing. They had basically the final exhaust on Ladyinblue's Auto car. Jim fired up her car for me and it has a really nice, powerful sound to it, definitely lower and deeper than stock(not V8 low, but nice). We then fired up my car for a direct comparison. We revved them both a little and the Corsa sounds much cleaner and more muscular than stock, but it's not nearly as whiny as some of the other aftermarket exhausts I've been hearing. While cruising at 50 mph the car sounds actually quieter than stock inside, which in my opinion is great. But when you give it a little gas you get that nice performance sound. I didn't bring my camcorder b/c I figured I'd just be dropping the car off and heading out since it was so late. They are having a car show on Sunday and I will for sure get some video and sound then unless they beat me to it this week. My apologies for no video, but soon very soon. I'd wait this one out b/c the Corsa exhaust is gonna please alot of folks and it looks and sounds fantastic.
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