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OK, I think I finally got the pics attached. I bought two of the Epco knobs, one has more white in it than the other. When you get the boot and factory knob separated, loosen the setscrew on the factory knob and remove it. Then put the the largest diameter sleeve they supply on the shifter shaft, but you'll have to gently grind or file down the outside of the sleeve so that the knob will go over it and the shifter shaft. Then put the knob on the shifter shaft with the sleeve on it and put the setscrews in and tighten them. After you get that accomplished, you'll need to file down those little pins inside the shift boot until they will friction fit over the collar with the setscrews on the Epco knob. You just have to keep filing down the pins a little at a time (I used a rat-tail file) until the shift boot will tightly fit over the collar that holds the setscrews on the Epco knob. I told you it was a jerry-rigged thing, but it looks great (to me, at least), and it's holding up well so far.
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