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Originally Posted by detox View Post
I thought the stock Good Years had an equally soft or close to it soft compound...they only last about 15000 miles.

How is the clutch holding up? Any chatter or warpage caused from speed shifting?
The Goodyears are sticky, but the sidewalls are short and very stiff. So they have a very fine line between bogging and spinning. On standard SS Pirellis I was able to run 1.9 60's. The best I was able to do with the Goodyears was 2.1, although better drivers than me have run 2.0s.

As an example my best run was 13.2 in the heat of the summer, stock on Goodyears. I added a CAI and drag radials and started running consistent 12.80s. And this was with NT555Rs, not the best Drs.

The LS3 clutch is pretty stout. No chatter here at all, and I beat mine. I do have the clutch reservoir mod, so that may help the sticking to the floor problem. I have only seen the beginning of that, but so far not the problem I experienced on my '11 SS. Speed shifting is harder on the drive train than the clutch.
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