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Originally Posted by sdmbdad71 View Post
Great build and an impressive car for sure! I'm just a little jealous.

A cam from Synergy may have just made it on my short list. Is there any reason that it wouldn't make a good choice as street cam? My car will only see 1 or 2 track days per year, but I would love to have the added power and keep it a track capable car.

If you get a chance, please post a vid of your exhaust at idle, I would love to hear what it sounds like and I'm sure some others would too.
Thanks man! This cam is ideal for the street because it has no surging issues as compared to many of the popular cams. And the broad, low end torque makes it very usable power. You can see from the forums that the trend right now is for big duration cams. Well, my friend bought too big of a cam, and after suffering with poor drivability for some time he went to Synergy and got a new cam and dyno tune. He's the one that convinced me to go with Synergy, and he was dead on. And for the times that you do track it, this cam will be gentle on your valve springs and tolerant of a missed shift without ruining the springs or god forbid having a valve to piston collision.

I've seen a number of builds where people installed monster cams have even done heads and their power and torque results are not much greater than mine. Why sacrifice low end torque and drivability if you don't have to?

Here's a number that surprised me - my peak speed at Buttonwillow Raceway was 113 MPH before the cam/longtubes/CAI and 130 MPH after! I also added R compound tires which I'm sure contributed to the improvement on the road course.

I'll try to shoot a vid of the exhaust note and post it soon. It has a nice muscle car lope to it, no mistaking it for the hollow smooth stock sound it used to have.
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