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Picked up the car yeastarday and the service adviser told me he has to "school me" on how to propperly use my transmission because im not using it propperly. He also told me that the door locks are completely normal and they were designed to have an anti lockout. I then asked if I can try the door locks on one of the camaros they had on the lot and he started to yell at me that it is illegal for me to touch the dealers cars on the lot. I walked up to it and tried the door locks with him standing there and showed him how the door locks on that car work properly. he then told me that car must be broken. I took the keys from his hand along with the receipt and drove 20 mins to another dealer. The first thing the guy said upon looking at the receipt is that the other dealer is an idiot. Im hoping that I will have better luck at the new dealer.

Almost forgot, he also said he took the car for a ride to see if he could get my car to act up and because he really wanted to go for a ride in it.
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