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Originally Posted by Mr. Wyndham View Post
Amusing is probably a good word to use. Around the Milford road course, the Boss 302 Laguna Seca is the fastest Mustang Ford has produced...Camaro starts faster with the 1LE/SS...gets faster with the ZL1....and finishes even faster than that in the Z/28...
I'd like to see a neutral party do this mega test with all of the cars, there's talk on the Ford forums that GM was sand bagging the Mustangs, of course that can easily be fan boy talk.

I see arguments from both sides of why that may be true or untrue. Why would GM sand bag the Mustangs? That doesn't give them a good bench mark. A counter argument could be that GM was sand bagging them because if they didn't, maybe the Camaro would be slower.

Point being, I prefer 3rd party tests.
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