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Originally Posted by Khrono View Post
So my car has been at the dealer for 2 days without the issue being resolved.
The problem that I have is when I put the car into first, do a rolling start and
I immediately push in the clutch after the car starts moving, I get a weird
clucking noise comming from the tranny. Like something is loose or there
is play between the engine and the trans. My dealer said they checked
everything and couldn't say what it is, they also called GM and they said
that it might be normal. Anyone else also have this noise or can
someone with a M6 SS see if they have it too. I've had this problem
since the first day I had it and now I have about 3k miles on it. Thanx in
advance. If you guys need more info just ask :-)
I have had the same noise from day 1. When I inquired about it, I was told that this is normal, and that the Vettes have this too.

When you consider that there are 7 joints in the drive train, each with a little slack tolerance, you will have some noise.

I am a little disappointed with this, it really sounds like crap ( IMO, not like a $40000 car should ), but i can live with it...... Solution is to make your exhaust louder, or crank up the tunes
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