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Originally Posted by NinoSS View Post
Mine is not a DD so I will be putting the car away soon. I bought the kit knowing if I waited any longer my wife would have found better use of the money... I will install and tune early spring.

OP, I chose a centri because I have gears and wanted a more linear torque curve than with the PD blower. I chose my cam with drivability without giving up any low end, as well as possible FI compatibility in the future. The future is now...

I have a hard time thinking that going a centri over a PD will disappoint on these cars, both make ridiculous power. As has been said by TornadoSS and others, in the right gear boost will be there.

Good luck!!!

Quick thinking on the purchase! Mine is not a daily driver either but I have a feeling I may be making room in my garage and gettin er done.
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