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Originally Posted by Retro69 View Post
Did you authorize the dealer to do any tear down to find your oil leak? I worked as a tech in Chevy dealerships for ten years and if we had to remove any parts to diagnose an oil leak we had to have authorization from the customer before doing so. Typically the service advisor would get a written authorization for maybe a half an hour's labor to see what's up. If it took more than that to find the problem we had to go back to the customer to authorize more. i.e. "We think the leak might be under the supercharger and will have to remove it to be sure. It'll take xx hours labor / parts to do so."

Unless you did authorized them to go that far seem like the dealer might have overstepped their bounds by doing so. Water under the bridge at this point perhaps but maybe some food for thought going forward.
Very valid point IMO.....

OP, I'd go down THAT rabbit hole. GM shop itself might be different than an aftermarket entity, though. Check the warranty....
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