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"No matter what - ALWAYS dry off your car after you wash. Not only does it look 1000% better, you won't get ugly/damaging spots from hard water drying on the paint. Open the doors, hood and trunk and dry off jambs and wherever you see water." I do the exact same thing. I even gently slam the doors to shake the water out of the small little spaces you can reach. I live in a TownHome/Apartment Complex. I take my Dodge Charger to the car wash and just spray it off. If there are bugs on the front, get the nozzle as close as possible. This usually works in getting most of the bugs off. Then I dry it completely. Then if there are any water spots, I use Mother's car detailer and a soft cloth to get rid of them. I also use Stoner's Invisible Glass. That stuff is awesome. I used it on our patio door window and my husband kept thinking the door was open. He kept trying to shut it. But because we rent, I will be checking around for area detailer shops to take my car to since I can't wash and wax it like it should be done. We are also renting a garage at our complex to store our car in. I won't let this happen to my baby:
Personally, I have always loved detailing vehicles. My dad was an independent truck driver who owned his own rig. When I was a teenager, I would spend an entire Saturday washing, waxing and polishing that truck until it blinded you like the sun. Try polishing 6 tractor trailer aluminum wheels in one day!
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