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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
I don't remember them having any badging on them, but apparently the prototype car introduced at Riverside Raceway in 1966 did in fact have RS badges on it. It must have been an extremely rare option because I don't remember ever seeing one and I lived near Riverside Raceway back then and was out there often watching races. We'd see all kinds of stuff running around on the streets in Pomona and Ontario back in those days. The Z/28 was a sleeper because it (usually) DIDN'T have any badges so people would think it was just the base model with no upgrades. They found out how wrong they were only after the light turned green lol.

Here's a link with some interesting back-story:
It absolutely can have a 302 logo on the extreme right front fender....I saw dozens of them at Yenko in person as a kid. No Z/28 logos until Jan "68. My new 1968 was the first one the dealer saw !!

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