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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
It's a real Z/28 (the '67) -- owned by a good friend in Indianapolis -- we borrowed it from him. It was found in a barn - the original owner bought it - didn't realize that the Z/28 was designed for a road course and he wasn't happy with performance at the drag strip - so he put it away and supposedly bought another Camaro...........with a big-block.

The 1967 Camaro Z/28 did not have any ID saying Z/28....that didn't happen until part-way thru the '68 model year....

.(and I say this because I remember our family dealership having a Corvette Bronze Z/28 on the showroom floor for a lonnggggg time -- it had no Z/28 markings on it - even though it should have as Corvette Bronze was a late color that year.....)

Also - no cross-ram from the factory on '67 Z/28. fact, that's the reason that only one Z/28 convertible was built during the 1st gen -- a 1968 in British Green. -- Pete Estes was the General Manager of Chevrolet at the time - he loved convertibles - and if you wanted to ensure that he drove something - you made sure it was installed on a convertible. The car still exists - was sold about three years ago.
I believe Dana Mecum owns it.
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