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Originally Posted by caverman View Post
????? when did they pull VR1? I haven't looked lately but I know you can still buy it online.

I'm still running M1 5w-30 on this car but my internals are all stock. I'm starting to wonder if I should change to something else next time. VR1 would be my choice if I do.

I've just recently started running VR1 in my '69 after reading about all the oil issues.
Interesting, I'm currently running non-synthetic VR1 as well. Coming up on my first change since FI and Cam....hopefully it's coming back if it really did get pulled.

Originally Posted by kevint
If I remember correctly, the oil pumps on the L99 can provide the higher pressure/flow required to modulate the cam phasing.
I heard the same. In fact that's what my shop was going to swap mine out for during the cam install (but we forgot ).

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