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Originally Posted by 06x6spdGTO View Post
Your post is pure GOLD!!

Thank you for being a solid dealer, and doing your best to satisfy a customer! I wish there were more people like yourselves that do the little things to make a positive expierence out of a bad situation'
Originally Posted by BlownSS View Post
100% agreed! Well said. well worth 3 cents!
Thanks guys.

Originally Posted by MarylandSpeed View Post
I understand this logic to a degree. That said, I have never seen a manufacturer actually do it. Especially not for someone who was not the original purchaser. It certainly would make this situation better for everyone.

The one other issue is people generally are much faster to post complaints, or negative feedback than they are to tell everyone how great you are (unless you ask them).
I agree. the situation has a few things working against it. No matter which way you slice it the situation is not a fun one for any of the parties to be in.
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