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Originally Posted by NerdWerx View Post
One is a Sports Car, the other is a Muscle Car. Which "genre" of cars do you want to own? They're very different in quite possibly every way. Yes, they are both fast, both handle great, and both do similar things similarly, but they are very different beasts for very different people. Personally, I chose the muscle car route. I love the roar of the ZL1 and the mean "in-your-face" stance it has sitting in my garage. People driving by my house stop and take notice because it looks so angry. Would a C7 do that? Possibly, but being a "base" Corvette the "newness" of the C7 may wear off after a while. Will the meanness of the ZL1 wear off? I'm betting no. It's one of those cars that will be talked about for decades to come. Much like the original ZL1s and Z/28s. In other news, I feel Chevy did the world right with the new Z/28. They brought back the "BOOM". Same with the ZL1 and COPO. Chevy is really taking some good advice from someone because their views on current and future car line-ups are just amazing...
the Zl1 is awesome but to 99% of the population it is just a camaro, which isn't a bad thing, but I am sure Zl1 owners dont want to hear that. their is something iconic about a corvette
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