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Originally Posted by Cuda7050 View Post
I love the way you set your car up. I wonder how the Orange Crush 1LE would do on the track against a new Z28?
Thanks Cuda. By the way, my first car was a '70 Cuda with a nitrous 383 Magunum. Good memories.

Man that Z28 is a fine ride, it'll be fun to meet up with one on the track some day. I think the weight is about the same as mine, as I've shed about 80 pounds between exhaust and wheels, and will be losing another 22 pounds with lightweight brake rotors when the stockers wear out. I've got the edge on horsepower and torque. My guess is the suspension is a wash. Pete helped me dial in my Pedders pretty nicely, but the GM engineers have clearly mastered suspension engineering with their latest Corvette and Camaro offerings. The Z28's got the advantage on brakes and aero. I tracked a ZR1 with carbon ceramic brakes at Ron Fellows School, they are the real deal. Fantastic brakes, no fade, no squeak, consistent performance hot or cold, and they last for freakin ever. My stock pads wore out in 4 track days, although I'm not complaining as I've yet to make them fade. However, the ZR1's (and I'm sure the Z28's) brakes go about 6,000 track miles at Ron Fellows without a pad change. Rotors are always flawless, you never need to turn or replace them.
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