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Originally Posted by SILVER BULLET RS View Post
Saleen. s a total JACK@$$!!!!! He puts down and makes fun of our beloved Camaro and then he wants to put his crap cocaine snorting name on the windshield and the trunk of our beloved Camaro!!! I would NEVER buy or go for a ride in his version of my beloved Camaro, and anybody that does is NOT a true Chevy Camaro fan!!! This is how strong I feel about this jerk!!! I would only buy high performance aftermarket Camaro versions from respectful dealers like BERGER ,TOM HENRY RACING, HENNESSEY, STREET LEGAL PERFORMANCE, LINGENFELTER, NICKEY, RICK HENDRICK RACING, DALE EARNHARDT RACING!!
My buddy in high school had a 95 S351R. He had just changed the oil and we were about yo go for a ride and he lost oil pressure and the motor. My buddy called and Steve came up two days later checked out the car to make sure my buddy didn't f something up during the oil change and sent a truck to take the car to replace the motor. He was kind of an ass at times during the exchange but still came up and made it right in person. That goes a long way in my book considering the car was not under any kind of warranty.
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