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Originally Posted by The Stig View Post
Why? What service have you had done there?
A lot, actually... I've posted on here about most of it. But let me see if I can remember it all. We just got my wife's Hummer back from there tonight, so that's fresh on my mind. Let me start with that, I guess. Keep in mind that both of the vehicles that we've had serviced there were not purchased there.

Tonight, they finished replacing the U-joint on our H3. Did it free of charge under warranty, quick and easy.

When we first got the H3, we had a complaint of rattling under the truck. There were 3 missing bolts on the undercarriage. They replaced those while we waited for an oil change. Didn't charge us anything for the labor or parts [just the oil change, of course].

With my SS, they've done a bunch of stuff - All for completely free. One thing I sort of thought might be warranty related, a couple I wasn't sure about, and two things I knew weren't. But they've done it all for me under warranty. Here's a list.

-Replaced missing nuts and washers from rear wheel assembly. These were left out from the factory on the first 97,000 Camaros. These missing parts cause a pop when the wheels get going.

-Replaced fluid in the differential to full synthetic and included an additive to quite the steering noise.

-Reprogrammed my ABS system to stop a loud noise from the self-check hitting at the wrong time.

-Reattached a missing screw and washer from my front bumper. The previous owner scraped a curb and took that screw with it. They had to disassemble the wheel well and half the bumper.

-Reattached two missing bolts on my spoiler [they were literally just flying around inside of the trunk lid, rattling everywhere]. They also tightened the rest of the bolts and added some adhesive to ensure that they didn't come loose again.

And I've only had my SS since September! So, as you can see, these guys are really awesome. They're notorious for having the best service department in town. Really good guys, treat us way more than fair, and their regular maintenance prices are unbeatable. I won't take my vehicles anywhere else.
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