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Stealership- IG Burton Chevrolet of Milford, DE

After working there for 2 months, I have seen more ****ed up shady shit from this dealership then i cared to know about. Nitrogen "fills" were filled with normal air, Oil changes with the 27 point inspection were hardly ever being done correctly. The other detailers that worked with me used dirty rags to detail all the cars even customer cars, they spray the power washer in the cars to wash the seats rather then using a proper shampoo machine. Tire rotations arent done right. Nano treatments are not done (9 times out of 10 it is just a wash and shine and non of the actual Nano product ever hits the car). They are just a shady dealership to deal with, they will tell you anything you wanna hear to get the deal done on all the warranties. With the wheel and tire warranty package they tell customers that hey if you curb it we replace the rim no questions asked.... well when you go to actually do a warranty claim they so oh no im sorry thats an accident thats your fault not our problem..... and when you call them out on the fact they told you it would be replaced they deny it to the fullest. I would strongly discourage anyone from purchasing a vehicle from this dealership. But you dont have to take my advice as some probably have had good experiences with this place, but with me seeing the shady behind the scenes of this place... Stay away

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