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Review of Findley Chevrolet in Nevada (quoting this so I can more easily link to all of the user's posts about the dealership)
Originally Posted by jake2212 View Post
sure. for starters I, a 19 year old boy knew more about my car than the techs at fairway. they tried telling me that i needed to replace my radiator as well as my condenser when i went in to get a new condenser put in. also, apparently my car is "too heavily modded for warranty work." so i went to bozarth and they pretty much treated me horribly. it was as if they didn't want me there and the tech was rude to me the whole time i was talking to him. terrible service and i will never go back again. findlay on the other hand is the only dealer i will go to here in las vegas. their service techs are very friendly and know what they are talking about. i ended up talking to the service manager for a good 1 hr the other week about cars in general. when they put my new condenser in they did it pretty quick and it was a painless experience, i actually kind of enjoyed it.
Originally Posted by jake2212 View Post
I recant my last statement about Findlay chevrolet in Las Vegas. they are turning out to be complete crooks and using scare tactics against me. 1-2 weeks ago my car was having front suspension issues. they blamed it on my front springs because they were installed incorrectly. they fixed the issue but then i started hearing the noise again. i took it back and they tried overcharging me for work and tried telling me that i can no longer use my warranty and tried filling my ears with a bunch of crap. it's to the point where i am actually going back to my stock springs because i do not want to deal with it anymore. they told me from now on if i ever have a problem with my front suspension (even if i put the stock springs back on) that it will cost $150 to get it check out(not even do work on it!) i am so sick of the dealerships out here because it turns out none of them are good in one way or another. i never thought anybody would ever be able to discourage me from having my car the way I WANT IT.
Originally Posted by jake2212 View Post
i must apologetically retract my last post about findlay chevrolet in las vegas because of the story that follows.
so when i was putting my headers on i noticed a slight oil leak. nothing that looked "too serious." so i took it into findlay and they had my car in the shop and within an hour told me that my oil pan is cracked and will be repaired under warranty. i was pretty mad about my oil pan being cracked but they made the process smooth and quick and i was in a rental and out of there in no time. funny thing is is the guy that gave me my rental car turned out to be a guy that grew up next door to my great grandparents back in Pittsburgh PA and knew them pretty well (small world lol) anyways i get a call the next day saying my car is ready so i drive down in the v6 camaro rental they gave me and pickup my car. was not given any hassle about my current mods and was a fairly quick process. must say i am impressed and plan on going back there in the future.
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