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Originally Posted by CamaroScotty View Post
I like this break in tip:

Should the vehicle be used for
racing or competitive driving
(after break-in), the rear axle
lubricant must be replaced

Order that Amsoil! to get on this one then. GM could void the warranty with that statement in the manual if proven you broke while at the track and no receipt for changing the rear axle lubricant!

...and pair that statement with this one...yeah, you see where i'm going with this...

Competitive Driving
Competitive driving may affect the
vehicle warranty. See the warranty
book before using the vehicle for
racing or other competitive driving.
The new vehicle break-in must be
performed before the vehicle is used
for competitive driving. See New
Vehicle Break-In on page 8-16.

Notice: If you use your vehicle
for competitive driving, the engine
may use more oil than it would
with normal use. Low oil levels
can damage the engine. Be sure
to check the oil level often during
competitive driving and keep the
level at or near the upper mark
that shows the proper operating
range on the engine oil dipstick.
For information on how to add oil,
see Engine Oil on page 9-10.

For competitive driving, it is
recommended that the brake fluid be
replaced with a high performance
brake fluid that has a dry boiling point
greater than 279C (534F). After
conversion to the high performance
brake fluid, follow the brake fluid
service recommendations outlined
by the fluid manufacturer. Do not
use silicone or DOT-5 brake fluids.

If the vehicle is used for racing,
competitive driving, sustained high
speed, or events that generate
excessive wheel slip, the rear axle
fluid temperatures will be higher
than would occur in normal driving.
We recommend that the rear axle
fluid be drained and refilled with
new fluid after every six hours of
racing or competitive driving.
See Recommended Fluids and
Lubricants on page 10-7 for what
fluid to use.
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