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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Pittsburgh? BWAHAHAHA! More like all of PA.

Don't forget the people that put on their turn signal for a fraction of a second, and then proceed to veer across eight lanes of traffic onto an exit ramp and act like it's your fault they just almost took down three cars and a truck.
Lol. Had that happen to me before. Here in the Tampa bay region they have mad exits. I kid you not, they have like 6 exits within half a mile lol. One will go left, one will go right, the other will veer left or right, and during this whole time, people cut across like 4 lanes of taffic without turn signals, just so they don't miss their exit. It's pretty hectic. I also forgot to mention how the street signs here are set just right so in the morning, mid day, or at night the sun hits them so you can't see the name of the street. I also love how you may get directions, and it says to turn at North Tampa, but on the sign all you see is Tampa....
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