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Originally Posted by My 5th View Post
I have a little over 50,000 miles on my Xa's. No visible oil leaks, but the coils are rusty in spots where the red coating flaked off. I wish they looked show-car new, but I've got to expect some wear and tear on a daily driver--especially with 3 years of winter road salt.

BTW, how long are these shocks expected to give good performance? Do the seals or pistons eventually wear out and the damping performance is reduced?

Not sure on long they last, I would think at least 60-80 K under normal diving. Performance driving 50K may be time to change the fluid because heat does break it down. If I had the seal kit I could do it my self. I have done many motorcycles both street and road bikes. just need to know the specs and oil weight. I am not worried about the service have had great luck any time I asked question of Pete or pedders. They are quality and I know sometimes the seals do go. When I take em out I'll mic the shaft and check it against the other side. Just another winter project. Mine is not a daily driver just a fun car and yes the crap they put on our roads in winter does eat the crap of anything metal.
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