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So, I have been having this problem with my Camaro since the day I bought it (used)... I have taken it to the dealer 3 times, and they say "we don't feel it" or "you tires are bad in the front, need new tires" or
"we balanced the tires and we don't feel any shaking"...
Needless to say, the 4th time around, I finally made it a point to talk to the manager because I have mentioned the torque converter issue every time, and they ignore me as if I am stupid..

Well, I left if Friday, and they finally gave me a loaner '14 Silverado (can't complain) and the guy called me today and said that he drove it on the highway and didn't feel any shaking... but he said the check engine light came on...
I have NEVER had it come on, he said it was a 'misfire' code...

The transmission guy is out, and will be back in tomorrow, so I am curious to see what he says.
I told them I refuse to buy new tires if that is not the issue.. I may push them to replace the torque converter regardless because it seems like a lot of you have had the issue, and I might as well get it done!
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