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Just arrived home from the dealership after picking up the car after hours (so I didn't get to talk to anyone).

When I left the car at the dealership two weeks ago, it had 3,199 miles on it, 210 miles on the current tank of gas and 22+ MPG FE on the DIC.

Here's what they did:

They added 70 miles to the ODO. And in 1/3 tank of gas, brought the FE down to 17.6 MPG. I confirmed this by filling up (it was on E) and checking the mileage manually like I do every tank with an app on my iPhone.

The whine under the hood is gone.

I can see they didn't fix the paint on the bumper issue. I didn't test the radio (too PO'd to drive around) and can't confirm if they did anything else. The rear still vibrates which was expected since we are waiting on parts.

So, how can you put 70 miles on a car, decrease the FE by 5 MPG and only fix one other issue out of a list of issues in two weeks?

Joy riding anyone?

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