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Legal claim for non-warranty repair

Originally Posted by gr8daneh View Post
Hi guys, finally got bit. Started it up and rolled about 50 feet and got the dreaded "No Oil Pressure" message. Shut it down. I know you've heard this story before. Here is the twist...

This was already a new pump installed when I did my CAM at 10,000 miles. I am now just over 25,000. JDP motorsports suggested the early change as a preventive measure at that time. Little did they know that the GM pumps continue to fail even in the new year models and was not just a bad batch problem. They have fixed 6 other Camaro's already this year apparently.

So the moral to my story and maybe what you readers should take away is don't replace bad with bad. I am going to put a Melling oil pump in this time which is what JDP is using going forward. I am just hoping that there was no damage up top to add to my grief.

That is all! Have a good day.

I am a Louisiana Attorney with success on denied warranty repair claims for oil pump failure and slave cylinder failure. These are both unrelated to increased torque or horsepower and can not be denied due to engine or computer modifications.

PM me if you are interested in a claim in Louisiana against GM for either of these issues.

Mark A. Holden
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