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Can you buy a set of daily driver wheels that will work for the 364 days a year you use the car otherwise, and for that one day when you want to break records you can put on these super-duper tires? Or is there some sort of reason you're stuck with summer only tires on the high performance cars?

I'm looking to get a ZL1 maybe a year or so from now once we know more about the 2016s, but it would be a daily driver... I'm not sure how much a consideration it would be in the decision, but it's a little disconcerting to find out how finicky the 'stock' tires are. For those one or two days a year here in Phoenix when we get below the 40's, or that spur of the moment trip up to the mountains it would be nice not having to consider my traction getting severely compromised or the tires cracking.

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