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Originally Posted by rjames View Post
Love this stance! I hope I can get mine this way. I have 2 1/4" gap in the rear and a 1 3/4" gap in the front. I cant see getting mine to a "level" stance using 1" springs all the way around. I want to do this soon so maybe i'll try the 1" to start then if not the way I like try the 1.4's in the rear. At least they are easier to change.
You can definitely play it safe and go that route. And even if you end up swapping the rear springs out for the 1.4"s you could either sell them on here or we could work something out if you wanted to return them.

Originally Posted by blackSSRS View Post
Thanks chase sounds like 1.4 will be ok to use and what ill end up with! Hey kyle thanks for more input, i spoke with you earlier about picking the springs up from you. Thinking ill go with the 1.4 springs and be ok with 22s in the future from what ive seen. Ill call you end of this week or beginning of next to pick them up!
Not a problem, just call me when you are ready to get the springs and I will make sure we get you taken care of.
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