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Originally Posted by Padre View Post
I'm getting my setup ready for Hoosier slicks on 17's.

Will I be good with MTCA030 for the LCA's?

I also plan on replacing my older TCA026 trailing arms with the TCA033.

I am lowered with BMR springs and have the sways via the HPP018 kit.

So, anything I'm missing or any other changes or improvements?

I'm not quite ready to go 15" wheels.

Thanks, Padre
Hey Padre,
You can't run those lowering springs with the MTCA030's, you have to use the Strange Eng. Shocks/Springs provided in the DRP007 Kit. Also, "I think" you could probably use your existing BMR rear sway bar, but considering the racing you do....the XTreme Anti-Roll bar would be much more suited for this application. I bought the DRP007 kit, and I already had the XTreme Anti-Roll bar, and I plan on running 17's for now. It will certainly give those 17's plenty of clearance around the LCA's, especially since it was designed for 15's!!! Should work pretty awesome. And then, down the road, if I want to convert to 15's.....all I would need is the Brake Package.

If you wanted to stick with your current spring/shock set-up, these new LCA's they're making (see post #1) would work fine (even with the 17's). Since you have the older FE3 suspension, you can still use the "older" version of the LCA's too without any issues. This new version just allows use of the newer FE4 style sway bars.
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