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Originally Posted by CatiaJockey View Post
Clutch dust cannot get in the fluid no more than brake dust can. Its a sealed system and the discoloration you see is completely normal. I have no issue with the combined system, works good lasts a long time.
You ma be right, But for $22.00 and 1 1/2 hour of my time it's insurance.

Originally Posted by alrox View Post
Read this

Clutch dust does get into the clutch fluid system in Corvettes and I see no reason why it won't happen on the same type of system in the Camaro. You will end up with clutch dust in your brake fluid if this system is like the Corvette's. This is a bad design.

Look for Chevy to change this soon because it appears to be a cost cutting measure.
who do you think i sent an e-mail to:

Upgrading to a DOT4 fluid sounds like a good idea. GM now is recommending DOT4 for all Corvettes, including those whose owner's manuals state DOT3.

There is a list of good DOT4 fluids on my website’s clutch care page. I use two different fluids interchangeably.
(1) GM Super DOT4 expensive and hard to find
(2) Prestone DOT4 cheaper, widely available, including Walmart

Only brand to avoid is Valvoline. It leeches to black almost immediately.

Good luck with your car.


Hi i have been looking at your post's for a long time now on this forum, But I got the new camaro last month and noticed that the brake and clutch reservoir is combined into the brake reservoir. I am planning to split the two apart and give the clutch its own reservoir but am wondering if I can upgrade the fluid in the clutch to dot 4 instead of dot 3. Do you think that this would be a problem.

And i did this yesterday like i said in 1 1/2 hours and all the parts are $22.00

parts you need are:

#1 new reservoir from a GTO a Holden part # 92065790 list $19.33 but can get for $15.00

#2 a hose clamp, Range 1/4-5/8" less than $1.00
#3 a rubber plug for the brake master cylinder reservoir. $ 0.75
#4 2 self tapping metal screws for the new reservoir. $ 0.50
#5 And this is the end Dot 4 Brake fluid "Prestone" . $ 2.75

And that is it.
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