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Originally Posted by FINALLYSATISFIED View Post
SS with ZL1 front ends are taking over the world. Smh. Love the idea of the calendar nonetheless. Would have rathered you said it was "intentional" to not have ZL1 as a main pic than not. That's the first thing I noticed.
Ah, I gotcha. Well, not having a ZL1 or 1LE as a main pic wasn't intentional...sorry. But there's (IMO) a pretty good reason. We'd never intentionally exclude someone's car. I won't go through the entire selection process, BUT.... looking through the COTW threads for good calendar worthy pictures turned out to not be so easy. It took quite a while going through many, many pages and while there were some awesome pix, some members went well out of their way to post up some incredible and professional looking shots making things much easier.

Some of the guys and gals had professional style shots done of their rides in some BEAUTIFUL settings. Now...look at a shot of a beautiful Camaro in front of some beautiful pine trees with gorgeous mountainous terrain behind it on a bridge and compare to another beautiful Camaro (which might be a 1LE or ZL1) who's best pix are in front of their garage, out in the street, there's no beautiful background, etc. It's pretty easy to whittle down which pix would be main page worthy.

I'd love to see a 2014 1LE (or even a 2013) in the main shot and was trying to get one person in particular to get new shots of their ride for me. They didn't come through. Someone else got the main pic. If people post up those calendar worthy shots, the chances they get the main pic skyrocket. I looked for great shots of a blue ZL1 and a white 1LE....nada.

With the next calendar, all COTW's will know what's expected from them if they want to have a chance at the main pic. Once you see the main shots of this calendar, you will know why.

I LOVE the cars and rides that were put into this calendar. I wish we could have featured all of them. Heck, I wish we could put together a COTW magazine full of several pix of each car (wonder if we could do that). But we worked together on this the best we could. 1LE, V8, V6, ZL1, ....all have the same chance to get that main your best pix and let's see what we can do.
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