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Originally Posted by Camaro Fred View Post
I would take the '67 over the 2014 in a heartbeat. The 1st gen Camaros had a style to them that IMO cannot be topped.
Originally Posted by Iron Lung Jimmy View Post
I'm just the opposite. I am totally over old cars. Compared to cars of today even the most awesome old car is crude and drives like crap.

More people agree with you than me, though, because the value of the old ones keep going up.
This is exactly why the "Pro-Touring" approach to restoration/modification has developed. New powertrains and more recent chassis and suspension developments under (more or less) the old skins.

There is no question that the new cars are technically better cars than their originals (and by that I don't mean the "high tech" infotainment and other electronic feature stuff at all). But the lines of the older cars have a visually less massive and more graceful appearance. Photoshop that side view picture of the '67 in Post #1 down to where the very point of its hood matches the height of the same point on the new car's hood and this should become even more apparent.

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