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Originally Posted by Ryanbabz71 View Post
Very nice! AGM is the best color (I might be a bit biased).

Thanks Ryan. I love AGM. Also with as few of these '13 AGM 1LEs that were produced, I have yet to show up anywhere that I see another one.

Originally Posted by Serge627 View Post
Awesome car for sure! Nice write up so far, I am interested to see what else you do in the future LOL
Thank you Serge627! I have a baby boy that is due today so mods may be on hold for a bit, but I love taking pics so hopefully they will keep coming. That being said, I can't complain. This car is amazing as is. I am very thankful.

Originally Posted by SUKXOST View Post
Love the car, great pics too. Did you intentionally put the hash marks that far forward? Throws off the look of the front with em that far forward IMO. I'd prefer they'd be 3-4" further back as most are...but it's your car. Just wanted to know if there was a reason or whatever? Props if you just stepped out to be different.
Thanks SUKXOST. I took my car to Big Worm in Fort Worth, TX to get the hash marks done. When they went on, I thought the front one should have at least been where the back one is. Unfortunately, I needed to get to Addison through bad traffic to get my finished spoiler from Speed Shield. They were going to stay open late for me as it was so I just let it be. They really grew on me so I have left them. It's good to be different sometimes. Who knows, I may change it in the future

Originally Posted by Trex_47e View Post
Great pics... good looking ride.
Thanks Trex_47e!

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