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Originally Posted by 9020B View Post
I drove one last week. I was impressed as well. The salesman who typically sells me commercial pickups ordered the car in. It is a 2SS 1LE CRT, sunroof, nav, no Recaros and no NPP. He stated that the Recaro's are hard and uncomfortable for any length of time. I want the car as a touring car for me and my wife, I will likely never take it to the track. I want an authoritative exhaust but I don't want it droning or overpowering inside the car when running at highway speed down the road. Anyone have any thoughts? I have read all I can find, no one has said the Recaro seats are uncomfortable or anything negative on NPP. My price is 43K. The Recaro's look real nice and I would like them if they are comfortable. Can anyone confirm or deny this.
I drove mine from Michigan to Texas over two days and the Recaros were no problem for that length of time - and I'm old enough that I watched Apollo 11 land in '69.

Exhaust note is great at startup and unless you drive in a gear to keep your car at over 3500 RPM on the highway, it's basically the same sound as a stock SS.
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