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Originally Posted by Matt'sSS View Post
What I really need is to find a company that either makes custom wire harnesses for specific head unit applications, or find out exactly what the plugs that go into the factory head unit are, buy a male & female of them with the cable ends & a couple ISO plugs & wire it myself. I've had no luck finding the plugs using the part numbers off these sheets so far though, and there's no female part listed, so I may be SOL. :(
I did a search for one of the connectors (Amp X2) 8240-0128, looks like it is manufactured by SUMITOMO.
Found MVP Micro and many others when I googled "SUMITOMO 8240-0128".

I'll look into this some more later and may stop by the distributor we have here in town to see if they can get them.

The main one I'm looking for is the Audio Amp X3 (Female) , the low level input into the Amp.

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