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The C7 is nice BUT car of the year ...... Trust me go drive a C7 then drive a Ferrari 458 you tell me what you would rather own L O L ......Anyway......

They did a very nice job with it but its a BASE corvette soon once they sell them to all the people who want them there will be a whole lot of them around. Also people are paying above MSRP for them that's nutz.... The Newness of the car will fade.

The Tech in the Vette is really good but lets see what happens when they release the new ZR1 in two years THAT will be KING and 120+ to own lol..

The ZL1 is going to be a rare car I expect there going to stop making them soon too.

Time will tell but in 25 years I think a ZL1 will be more collectable then a C7 base.

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